Some of the services we offer:

Some of the services we offer:

Solar Panel Installations

Solar power is a fantastic way to extend the battery life of your motorhome or camper for off grid camping. Many customers opt for a 100W panel and a MPPT charge controller. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
The MPPT controller will harvest more power from the solar array. The performance advantage is substantial (10% to 40%) when the solar cell temperature is low (below 45°C), or very high (above 75°C), or when irradiance is very low.

Satellite and digital television

Satellite TV give you the flexibility to receive UK channels in Europe.

Oysters brand new Cytrac DX is the latest system released that boasts cutting-edge technology in a compact design for incredible reception range.The Cytrac is the equivalent to an 70cm dish although the Cytrac is much more efficient due to the 1016 interlinked single antennas arrange in a honeycomb pattern meaning signal strength will be stronger than a regular dish type satellite system.For the Astra 2 footprint you can receive English channels within Europe with the Cytrac system. You will expect to receive primary and regional main English channels three quarters of the way into France. This is using a Free-to-air decoder. The footprint for Sky customers is considerably larger so if you are a sky subscriber you will be able to pick up sky channels as far as into Spain and Italy.

Bike racks

Bike racks are available for most campers and motorhomes from top brands including Fiamma and Thule. We will source and fit the accessories here at our workshop. Please get in contact with us with your vehicle details for a quote.

Gasflow fitting

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We now provide and install Gaslow refillable gas systems for Motorhomes and Campervans ending the need to buy a local cylinder when on holiday and paying a premium for a replacement bottle of gas, the cylinders can also be topped up at any time meaning you no longer have to waste half a bottle of gas when exchanging for a full bottle. Prices for a typical installation with 2 x 6kg bottles, external filling point, change over kit and gas safety check starts at £515 +VAT. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

General repairs

We are happy to take on any general repair you may need doing to your motorhome or camper van. Our hourly rate is £55 + VAT.

We are fully insured covering all aspects of our work, premises and your vehicle whilst it is in our care.