Did you know that most of the damage caused to motorhomes happen during the winter months?

Most damage is caused by water that turns into ice during those frosty nights so be prepared! This is where an annual habitation check also comes into play. We can do the work for you and also identify potential problem early to avoid costly repairs.

Most of this damage is preventable so draw up a list of things to do before parking up your motorhome for the winter.

There should be a guide in your motorhome manual but here are a few things to include in your checklist:

  1. Completely drain the water system. Some have taps or bungs outside
  2. Drain your water heater
  3. Remove any inline water filters
  4. Empty the toilet
  5. Fully charge batteries
  6. Turn gas bottles off
  7. Keep the refrigerator door open
  8. Thoroughly clean Food Cupboards